Forms for the Nurse

Notes from the Nurse

Parent’s Request to Administer Medication in School

If your child needs a medication (prescription or Over-the-Counter) in school you can download this form: Parent’s Request to Administer Medication in School and have the doctor complete it. An adult needs to bring the form and medicine (in the original labeled container/box) to the Health Suite. This form is used for prescription and non-prescription medications that may be needed by your child during the school day.

Consent for Administration of Approved Discretionary Medications

BCPS school nurses can administer certain nonprescription medications with your permission only at no charge, for all students. Approved discretionary medications are intended for occasional use only and are given under physician directed nursing protocols for a limited number of conditions. 
This service is designed to alleviate your child’ minor discomforts and to avoid early dismissals from school. If you would like to have this service available to your child, download and complete the Consent for Administration of Approved Discretionary Medications and return it to the school nurse. If your child requires nonprescription medications on a regular basis, you must obtain a written order from your health care provider and supply the medication (see above order form).


Fluoride Permission Slip

Immunization Certificate

New Health History Form

Dental Health Record

Return to Phys. Ed

Lead Poisoning Letter

Blood Lead Certificate

Physical Exam form


Asthma and Allergy Foundation

Baltimore County Dept. of Health

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

USDA Food and Nutrition

Safe Snacks